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Special order Airsoft guns

If you don't find the Airsoft gun or supply you need in our store, we'll special order it for you.


Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will always offer you personalized service.

Call for more information about our Airsoft guns and supplies:

Airsoft Guns and Supplies

Do you need a new Airsoft gun or Airsoft gun supplies? M & K Knifeworx has a large selection of top brands of Airsoft guns, including Kalashnikov, Smith & Wesson, and more.


Stop into our store in Rapid City, SD or Sioux Falls, SD to see all of our Airsoft guns and supplies. Mention our website and you'll SAVE 20% on your next purchase!

Martial arts/ self-defense supplies

We also sell pocket knives, hunting knives, and swords.

We also sell a wide variety of martial arts supplies including nunchucks, kendo sticks, and throwing stars.


In addition, we carry self-defense supplies such as pepper spray and stun guns.

Top brands of Airsoft guns

• Colt

• D & G

• Fire Power


• Kalashnikov

Rapid City, SD: 605-343-5593

Sioux Falls, SD: 605-361-4363

• Sig Sauer

• Smith & Wesson

• Taurus

• Thompson

Special order Airsoft guns Airsoft Guns and Supplies